Paper made of grass fibers (up to 40% content) and FSC® – certified forest materials.

Grass Paper is an environmental friendly and sustainable product due to its significantly reduced water and energy consumption compared to the use of virgin fibers only. Carbon footprint of pulp from grass fibers compared to virgin wood fibers is 50% lower! Also consumption of chemicals and water for processing of grass fibers are reduced to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, due to the very high bulk of grass fibers, grammage and therefore total fiber mass can be reduced.

Grass Paper has a unique look and feel with its dotted texture of noticeable grass fibers. Roughness is higher compared to standard uncoated papers. In comparison to a paper made of wood pulp, the grass paper offers many benefits in terms of sustainability:

  • Low energy consumption compared to which is needed for the production of paper made from wood
  • Very low fresh water requirements (just _2l/to instead of 6000l/to, which is needed for paper made from wood)
  • Low-level logistics compared to the high-level logistics for papers made from wood
  • Less chemicals are used in the production of grass pulp
  • 1,2 t of grass makes 1 t of pulp, to get 1 t of pulp from wood, 2,3 t are necessary


Hand-made white paper with the addition of Chamomile, Matthiola and Daisy seeds, after watering, the seeds will germinate, and the paper will turn into a flower meadow.

The paper has a unique structure and a noble appearance. The use of various textures and seed additives makes each card unique.