Have you ever wondered what is the secret behind the success of our sticky notes? Among other things, it’s our very own VividPrint printing technique, which we’ve developed at PromoNotes. Using this method to print sticky notes began a new era in their production. Discover the greatest advantages of the VividPrint method.

Quality above all else

Every detail is important when printing. Commonly used classic halftone printing has many technical limitations. Thanks to the application of the VividPrint method, the printed designs are sharper and more intense compared to other printing methods. Additionally, implementing this method allowed us to eliminate the problem of peeling off the ink in the area of the adhesive strip.

Reproducing graphics

When carrying out the production, we have full control over the colours before and when the materials are prepared for printing. Since we handle each element of the process with care and attention, we can assure a full reproduction of a design’s colours.

Production time

Developing the VividPrint method over the course of many years has allowed us to optimise the time needed to finish orders. We can continue going through with the remaining production processes right after finishing the printing of the sticky notes.


By combining a number of tasks in the printing process, we can save not just time, but also money. The decreased cost allows us to maintain lower prices compared to the printing of CMYK graphics. The optimisation of production time and costs is yet another reason why the VividPrint method is so efficient.

Attention to the quality of our products and services is a key concern for us. Thanks to the optimisation and the full control we have over projects, both ourselves and our clients can carry them out with pleasure. Make use of our experience.