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Mindnotes « simple – steps » program – check our latest video!

Mindnotes « simple – steps » program – check our latest video!

A prefabricated block in a customised cover is the perfect recommendation for clients who need fast, effective and economic solutions. See how easy it is and learn all the details by watching our latest video!

If so far you were unaware of the possibilities granted by MNC or how to make use of our offer – we hope that our video will explain it to you in simple terms. On the one hand, MNC is a prefabricated block in one of the 6 most popular variants, and on the other it’s the full customisation of the cover and a wide selection of accessories. These are really just 4 simple steps:

1. select one of the 6 prefabricated blocks in the most popular variants,

2. decide whether the corners should be rounded or sharp,

3. pick your preferred cover – hardback or binding,

4. finally choose the right accessories: a customised jacket, a satin tape, a band for closing, a pen holder, and think whether your notebook should come with a pocket or not.

It’s that simple! Take these 4 steps and order a customised promotional product fast and at an affordable price. Check our video and share your thoughts.




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