Sounds like an oxymoron? Perhaps, but we have just proved that the foil’s not so black as it it’s painted… if only made of the right material. We’ve got recycled paper, time for eco foil!

We care about our environment and constantly looking for nature-friendly solutions, such as recycled paper that met our customers’ needs and gained their trust. You can choose from many types and colors – each type of eco paper is not only functional, but incredibly aesthetic. Our experience shows that recycled paper is most often chosen by companies and brands that care about a coherent, pro-ecological image.

The introduction of eco-paper to our offer set on our path another challenge. As our ecologically aware customers suggested that we go a step further and take care not only of what notebooks are made of, but also of what they are packaged in, we started working on our own environmentally friendly material.


Eco-packaging can be made of potato starch, wheat bran or corn starch. We wanted not only that the film was biodegradable, i.e. changing its form into powder, but also that the powder was environmentally friendly. Harmful chemical compounds can be found in the remains of some biodegradable materials. To make sure that this is not the case with ours, we wanted to find not only biodegradable but also compostable material.

The choice was ultimately starch. The material made of it – just like foil – is durable and perfectly protects products against damage during transport. When it is no longer needed, it will be 100% decomposed to its original form under the influence of weather conditions and bacteria, creating a natural and healthy compost, i.e. biomass.


The production of compostable materials – such as our starch foil – is a closed cycle. Such material not only does not harm nature, but even serves it, becoming a natural plant nutrient when unfolded. By buying your notebook made of recycled paper and wrapped in ecological foil, you can be sure that together we are contributing to a slightly better and nature-friendly future.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products!